As of June 2011, NEP's Safety Committee is State Recognized save 5% on PA workers comp premiums!

Supershooters and Screenworks/Livepower have Sawstop Safety Saw's that will protect an employee from being cut by the blade.  Please click on the photo to see how it works!

Mobile Unit Corner Guards to protect employees from head injuries. 

Eye wash station's at every shop locations.

Mobile Unit Expando Guards, also to protect employees from head injuries. 

 Forklift Training and Maintenance Logs on all Forklifts at all Divisions!

 All doors in Mobile Units have been provided caution signs.

Forklift Safety Cage SS- shop and other divisions 

First Aid Kits for mobile units at all divisions with the addition of Trio and Sweetwater

First Aid, CPR and AED Training with the addition of an AED in the new shop area and NCP. Training SS shop, office and field employees along with NCP shop and office.

 Set - up Safety Kleen at the integration facility to contain hazardous waste and dispose properly.

FYI - Communications each week on Industry Specific Safety awareness and tips.  Communicated the Safety Committee, the goals and how to contact the committee to obtain Personal Protective Equipment and other safety initiatives.

 PPE has been distributed to all divisions as well as communicated (Contact Committee if needed)

Added Yellow Fleet Packets to each tractor at every division in the US for simple access in reporting a vehicle, injury or property damage claim along with important tractor emergency numbers.  

Lines were extended out of each bay to ensure safe guidelines when backing in mobile units. 

After discussing backing up trailers, fleet will be handing out "GOAL" stickers to be placed on mirrors for an extra reminder to get out and look!